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repetitive music repetitive music repetitive music

is no big deal.

Thank you RPGs. Playing you for hours on end has made me completely oblivious to repetitive midi songs. Now my baby’s various noisy, sing-song toys don’t bother me one bit, no matter how many times she smacks them on.

good riddance 2011

I’m glad you are over. Other than the birth of my daughter (and my new kitchen, ahem) nothing good came out of you. And here we are, celebrating your end with friends.


Us on New Year'sHurray!


My mom passed this afternoon. It doesn’t even seem real. We went to her apartment and it just felt like we were waiting for her to come home. We had so many plans and I just feel so empty that nothing came of them. I don’t have a single picture of her holding Lilu, even though she did many times. I think I feel more upset about that than anything. And she was only 65 years old. I already miss her so much.

lilu is here!

Ok so it’s been over a month, but it’s been an INSANE month. My daughter was born, I landed back in the hospital for 3 days, and then my mom was in a car accident and is still in the ICU. But I don’t want to think about all that, so instead I’ll talk about Lilu and how she got here.


On Wednesday, August 24th, we were told we should induce. A growth scan revealed that our baby was around 8 1/2lbs with a large head. If we waited she could reach 9lbs — which is a really large baby for my petite body to handle. We decided to go ahead with the induction and scheduled it right away for 3am the next day. Needless to say, we didn’t sleep a wink!


Time to have a baby!
Here I am all excited and ready to meet my baby!


We went in and got settled in our room with Bridget, my nurse. She was the nurse who gave us the Labor and Delivery tour and I really liked her. After the standard blood work, the IV and monitors were placed, and the Pitocin started flowing to get labor started. I just hung out in bed, resting and talking to Adam while we waited for my doctor to arrive.


Waiting for the pitocin to kick in


At 10am, my doctor came in and, after making fun of my gold eye mask, got down to business and broke my water. I was terrified of this, but it was actually no big deal. Instead of the giant fishhook I’d seen in videos, it was just a plastic plunger thing that wasn’t scary at all. It didn’t hurt either, instead it felt like dipping into a hot bath because I had a lot of fluid. After that we waited for my contractions to intensify. I bounced on the birthing ball and watched Twilight with Adam.


We were about halfway through the movie when it started to hurt. It wasn’t super painful, it was just a very annoying tug, and they were coming every 2 minutes. I was still only 4 centimeters dilated so they kept upping my Pitocin. I asked for something to take the edge of so I could continue resting since I obviously had a long night ahead of me. They gave me Stadol and Adam and I passed out for a while.


When I woke up, I was hurting. My contractions were much stronger. I asked Bridget to call for the anesthetist. My epidural was painlessly placed and I tried to go back to sleep. Honestly I was more hungry than anything else, and I told everyone I would be eating pepperoni pizza soon instead of ice chips. (They don’t let you have food or drinks in case they need to put you under for an emergency c-section.)


When they came in to check me again, hours later, I was still a 4! They upped my Pitocin to level 32, inserted an internal fetal monitor, and started shifting my body so that I lay on one side and then another. I quickly went from a 4 to a 6. During the turning, Bridget suspected that Lilu had turned OP — face up. She grabbed a midwife from the hall to confirm. So now we were also shifting in order to turn the baby back around.


I started feeling more and more uncomfortable. I felt pain in my urethra and vagina, and I was starting to feel the tugging again. I asked for more pain medicine and they added something to my epidural, but I felt no relief and started moaning through the contractions. Eventually I just went to another place in my head to deal with the pain. Every time someone talked to me I started moaning and begging for the catheter to be removed. I was convinced that the catheter was causing the pain. They added even more medicine but that didn’t help.


I begged the second nurse, Missy, to take out the catheter. She finally did at 7pm and I realized that yes, the catheter had hurt a lot, but that I could actually feel everything, that my legs were only numb because I had been laying in bed for so many hours. We called the anesthetist again and said that I was still feeling pain. He said he had already given me A LOT of medicine and decided to check the epidural site. He said blood was running down my back, more blood than was normal. We decided that the epidural had pulled out enough that it was no longer working.


I went upright again to have a new epidural inserted. After that, my doctor checked and I was at 8cms. He said he’d be back after the Redskins game! Missy put the catheter back in and it didn’t bother me at all. I was in a happy place. My baby was still face up, but my labor was progressing so I wouldn’t need a c-section, and my epidural was finally working. Hallelujah!


I was checked again shortly after and progressed from 9cms to just a lip, and then my doctor showed up and said I was complete. Suddenly there were a lot of people in the room prepping things. Missy started doing perineal massage, which I said felt nice and Adam looked at me like I was crazy. (He later explained that it looked rough and painful.) My doctor suited up, I got a blue sheet over my thighs, and I started to push. It was very relaxed. My doctor reported between pushes that the Redskins had lost but that it was only the preliminaries so it didn’t really matter.


Somewhere in that hour of pushing and banter, I heard some snipping and snapped my head up, and my doctor said casually “It’s okay, I just gave you an episiotomy.” Adam told me later that the doctor had backed up, gauged the size of Lilu’s head, and reached for the scissors. After a couple of pushes, her head came out and my doctor said, “STOP PUSHING.” Someone asked about cord blood, and my doctor snipped her cord off and said, “No time.” I pushed the rest of her body out and the waiting nurses took her. The cord was wrapped around her neck and she wasn’t crying. They suctioned her nose and mouth for several minutes before she started making garbled cries. I got to kiss her cheek and then she was whisked off to the NICU.


Quick, distract her with the baby while we sew her up

After 16 hours of intense labor at the highest levels of Pitocin allowed with no epidural for most of it, and an episiotomy with a tear off the side, Coralie Lulette was born at 2am on August 26th. She was 7lbs 15ozs and 20 inches long, with a 14.5 inch head. Other than some mucus in her lungs, she was perfect and completely worth it.


Newborn Lilu

I’m head over heels for this kid. :)

for your viewing pleasure

I’m off giving birth, and no you can’t watch. But here’s some entertainment while you wait. It’s like elevator music, only good.



Warning: F-bombs x 3 & whorish behavior.


So remember how I said yesterday that I was going to beg my doctor for an extension on my due date? I totally changed my mind after the growth ultrasound. She measured 8 1/2 lbs, with a big head. I know it can be off by 15%, and she might only be 7lbs and a few ounces, but that also means she could be over 9lbs — which is terrifying.


I’m 2.5cm dilated and 70% effaced, and I’ve been having contractions every half hour for DAYS. I couldn’t sleep last night, and I couldn’t eat much today. I’ve also been sick to my stomach. All that points to labor anyway, so hopefully my body is getting primed for this. (If not, my body sucks.)


I’m scared out of my mind. Not about labor, or delivery — ok, so the whole having my water broken by a man with a giant fishhook freaks me out a bit — but mostly the whole “Here is your baby. Good luck.” send off. I mean, I don’t have any experience with babies! So here I am, 12 hours from going to the hospital, freaking out on the internet. I’m going to go distract myself with a roll of paper towels and some Windex before I hyperventilate.

to induce or not to induce

I have my 40 week OB appointment tomorrow. Last week I wasn’t dilated at all and my cervix had only moved forward, but my doctor was already discussing induction. He said he wanted to do it this Thursday. I have been freaking out ever since.


I mean Thursday?! HOLY CRAP that’s only 4 days after my due date! I thought I got 2 weeks? But no, he wants me to come in tomorrow, check my dilation and, if I’m not making progress, give me cervical ripening drugs. Then he wants me to come in on Thursday for Pitocin.


I don’t want any of this (well except the no longer pregnant part, but who in their right mind enjoys being overdue?) Since there is no medical reason to induce I’d rather not, especially if my cervix isn’t ready at all. If I’m 3 or 4 centimeters dilated then that will give me something to think about. I mean, doesn’t that mean my body is gearing up anyway?


So I’m trying to get the courage to ask for an extension on my pregnancy. I’m hoping he’ll let me go until Monday the 29th. That’d put me at 41 weeks and 1 day, which I feel more comfortable with. Inducing right after the due date just feels wrong. I’m hoping I can convince my OB to hold off and that she comes on her own during that time. Please let this be the case!

50/50: set up the nursery

I’m due tomorrow! Time to set up the nursery! Yes, we are crazy. :/ lol But the baby hasn’t come yet so I get some extra time to get things done.


I’ve been having contractions every 30 minutes for 2 days, so I’m hoping this is labor starting up! Otherwise my doctor wants to induce on the 25th, which I am trying to avoid like the plague. Come on little Lilu! We are (pretty much) ready for you!

49/50: get a pedicure

Today my husband and I are getting pedicures. 2 of my girlfriends are coming, too. My feet are so jacked right now. I haven’t painted my toes since my baby shower in JUNE, and I can’t reach my feet comfortably anymore. Considering that the only shoes I can wear are a single pair of flip-flops, I am not a happy girl. Adam has been complaining about an ingrown-toenail, too, so he needs one as badly as I do. And Owen got groomed, too, since he was super shaggy. God, I guess the entire family just kind of let go! O.o


I want one of these chairs ;)

Ahhh I feel sooo much better. I forgot how much service you get at this place. It’s Candy’s Nails on Silver Star and Clarke. They seat you in these fabulous chairs that massage your back and have a hot tub for your feet. Then they massage your feet and legs with a sea salt scrub and then 2 types of lotion, one before pumicing your heels and one after. Then they give you your pedicure. $25 for all that, or $30 if you get French tip polish. It’s heavenly!


I love a french pedicure