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27/50: get my teeth cleaned

I hate going to the dentist, especially new dentists, but I gotta bite the bullet and get this done. Adam also needs a cleaning so we scheduled back to back appointments. I’m hoping this dentist/hygienist are better than the last ones. For $100 a pop I need a thorough cleaning.


Update: Back from the new dentist. I love our new hygienist! She is from our town and very nice, plus she’s a Stargate and BattleStar Galactica fan. And she totally broke my face. I had Chipotle after the cleaning and it buuurned. She really got in there and tore me up; nothing like the sissy cleanings I got last year. And our dentist was super hot. Like a Soap Opera Dentist. Of course his teeth were ridiculously perfect, too. But when someone is that good looking it’s hard to take them seriously. I was thinking “But is he a dentist in real life?” Like I was on set or something.

26/50: tour the l&d

I have an OB appointment and, since I’m 36 weeks, it’s time for the internals to start. Not looking forward to those at all. After that, we are going to tour the labor and delivery area. I’m pretty excited. This isn’t the fancy baby hospital, it doesn’t have 24 hour room service or marble floors, but it’s close and very clean. I can’t wait to see the rooms where my daughter will be born. :D


Update: The L&D at Health Central was awesome! The nurses were super nice, too. They said they deliver less than 100 babies a month, but everyone had a baby in their arms. lol It was pretty cool! The rooms were very large and pretty as well. I’m really looking forward to delivering there!

20/50: make embarassing trip to the hospital

So last night, after a long bout of incredible pregnancy sex, I started leaking a lot of watery fluid. Like unreal amounts of fluid. And every time I sat up, more came out. This went on from about midnight to 8am and, while my husband slept, I lay in bed worrying about whether this was amniotic fluid or if it was just caused by all that good sex. I really had no idea. Plus my husband said that he smelled something different which really worried me.


When I sat up in the morning, I felt another gush. So I changed into my 4th pair of panties and called my friend who had a baby last year. She told me to call the doctor. The nurse there told me to go to the maternity hospital to get tested, since I’m 35 weeks and my hospital lacks a NICU. I figured they were just going to do a swab to see if it is amniotic fluid. So I didn’t shower, wear makeup, do my hair, or eat. How naive of me.


After checking in through triage, I did the usual urine sample, but then they had me strip and rigged me up to monitors to check my contractions and Lilu’s heart rate. I was not expecting this at all. Luckily, she was doing great, and I while I was having a lot of contractions, they weren’t even or consistent. Eventually a doctor came in to give me my first internal exam. I’m completely closed, -3 station. She also tested my fluid. The verdict? It’s not amniotic fluid. It’s just copious amounts of regular, run of the mill, scare the crap out of a first time mom fluid. Good to know.



So what have I learned today?


1. Going through four pairs of underwear in one day is no big deal in L&D land. Since I’m at level 15.5 of the healthy 5-25 range, when my water actually breaks, it will run down my leg and continue to puddle for hours upon hours. Sounds fab!


2. I have no idea when I’m having contractions. What I have always thought was Lilu moving and kicking me in a painful way was actually her reacting to my contractions. So counting contractions probably won’t be possible for me until they HURT. BADLY.


3. There are no quick trips to the hospital. This fiasco was 3 hours long, and an hour of that was driving. I think I will stay home until she’s term so I can go to the closer hospital, unless my water actually breaks, which as I mentioned will be my only clear indication of labor until the contractions become unbearable. Or I see blood. (Duh.)


Anyway, it was an experience. Now I’m starving and exhausted and I’ve just had enough. The oven repair guy is supposed to come soon and as soon as he leaves, I am passing out. Until then, I am going to eat dark chocolate Klondike bars. Just des(s)erts.

19/50: get a mom haircut

Ok not a real mom haircut, but right now my hair is like 4′ long and down my back. I look like a hippie. Plus I can’t keep my hair in a ponytail because it’s too heavy and just slides out. I think I want it short so I can keep it in a high ponytail, and I think I want my Japanese bangs back. :/


Just before we got married

Or maybe I just want my tiny, pre-pregnancy look back. OMG I had a neck and a jaw and everything!


Update with before and after!
Week 33

Week 36 - Haircut!

Ahhh much better!


9/50: attend birth class

I tried to reschedule this class yesterday but I couldn’t get a hold of anyone. Adam is still sick and seriously cranky. I doubt he’ll make it through the entire class. It’s a one time class that runs from 9am-5pm. Plus it’s downtown, which is about 40 minutes from where we live, and we have to find parking. I have a feeling this is not going to be fun.


Okay and we’re back. It wasn’t too bad, but now both of us are sick. After we eat this Olive Garden takeout, we’re going to crash. It’s about 6pm now, and I fully intend to sleep for 12-14 hours.

5/50: sort baby gifts

So a crazy thing happened on Sunday — I had not one, but two surprise showers! My husband woke me up early in the morning and told me I needed to get dressed. I’d planned to sleep in, since I wanted to stay up for the fireworks, but then he said, “You have to get up now. I just went into the dining room and it’s completely decked out in baby pink, not red, white, and blue!” Well that woke me up pretty quick!


We had a great shower breakfast of eggs and omelets, pastries, fruit salad, bagels and lox, and baby cupcakes, and we received so many thoughtful gifts. It was pretty overwhelming. Adam’s mom even got him a manly diaper bag and matching umbrella stroller, which is awesome since my diaper bag is pink and we only have an SUV sized jogging stroller. That’s how I roll, but my husband? Notsomuch.


After hanging out with everyone for a while, we had to pack up and headed off to my Aunt’s house for her 4th of July party, which is about an hour’s drive from my in-laws. After some greets, meets, and eats, all these giant bags filled with pink goodies came out. My cousin, who just had a little boy 3 weeks ago, said, “Wow, hope you like pink.” Luckily, I love pink!!


We got a ton of cute outfits, shoes, and socks, which is seriously a relief because I’ve only purchased like 7 articles of clothing. And that’s from sizes newborn to 24 months! When I realized that last week, I pretty much freaked out. And now I don’t know what I have, because everyone got a range of sizes, so now I need to sort it all out. I want to take pictures of all the outfits and note who gave us what as well, so I can send thank yous now and pictures later. :)


And while it has nothing to do with the 50/50, I got to hold my newborn 2nd cousin, Cole. He was soooo tiny, it was really scary at first! But then he was just cooing away in his sleep and my heart melted. Soon I get to do this every day! I can’t wait!!

baby shower!

Yesterday I had my luau themed baby shower. I didn’t get many pictures because Adam videotaped most of it, but here’s what I got with my camera before I accidentally left it on the hood of someone’s car for 3 hours. (I’m pulling the pregnancy brain card for this one.)


Here’s the food! Check out the watermelon cut too look like a pram!

Baby shower 1

This pina colada cake was amazing. I seriously could have eaten the whole thing!
Baby shower 2

Everyone had on leis and all the men wore hawaiian shirts.
Baby shower 3

This is an action shot of the adult hula hoop contest, which I refused to compete in!
Baby shower 4


After the hula hoops, we had a spear throwing competition. But I did compete in that, and I set my camera down to do it. So by the time I remembered to get a shot of us, the party was over and it was pitch black outside! Oops.


Baby shower 5

I think it’s pretty obvious from our faces, but we had a blast! Thanks so much to everyone who came and especially to Joy, who hosted with her 8 month old in tow! You’re crazy lady, but you pulled it off!

9 years ago today…

I met the man who would become my husband. On the internet. Before that was considered acceptable.

Our 9th Dating Anniversary

Anyway, thanks for not being an axe murder, honey! Here’s to another year of laughs and good lovin’! *Miah*

crawfish boil



Yeah this is how we rock it! There was a block party at “the hamptons” and the hostess was from Louisiana, so of course there had to be crawfish. It was crazy, I’ve never seen so many crawfish in my life. And they were such a beautiful carmine color!


Crawfish Boil


Normally I would not be this gungho about the food, considering that there was a keg and homemade sangria, as well as a fully stocked liquor bar. But when you can’t drink and your appetite is so voracious you truly worry about digesting yourself to death, a steaming heap of crustaceans is pretty much like someone handing you the treasure of El Dorado.


Except that I could only eat one. You read that right! ONE! I LOVE crawfish and yet I could not stomach them. Little Miss Priss was not interested. Instead she wanted queso. Are you freaking kidding me kid? At least it was homemade queso and not that jarred stuff, but when someone flies crawfish in from Louisiana, you do not turn up your nose and chow down on queso.


Pregnancy: making me break my personal taboos, one after another.

vacay in the hamptons

Okay not the real Hamptons. My BIL & SIL live in this huge gated neighborhood called the Hamptons. It has pools, jacuzzis, fitness rooms, and lots of block parties. And it’s very posh. When we went house hunting with them, my SIL was like “This place is too hoity-toity for us” and I basically had to tell her she’s kind of prissy anyway and should just roll with that. Own it. And they did!


So now I’m staying at their house while my kind husband takes care of the dirty work at home. While I’m gone, the walls and ceiling will be replaced, retextured, and repainted. We’re also getting all new trim work (5″ baseboards!) and 3 new doors. I’m most excited about the bold paint change while Adam is a little obsessed with the french door we selected for the nursery.


I’ll post progress pictures as he sends them to me, but right now I really want to go shopping. Since my body is in the throes of pregnancy, I have to mask the battle scars and work what I’ve got! I need all new makeup and hair junk. Adam hates waiting for me as I mill around the makeup aisle, so I’m taking this opportunity to thoroughly peruse the new frou frou stuff. I’ll let you know if I find anything good.