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now that she’s crawling

I realize what a bad mother I am. I had the itch to really cook something instead of popping in a Lean Cuisine or making a sandwich, so I plunked her into her bouncer. Normally I would just let her play in the living room, but she kept crawling into the kitchen, pulling up on me and fussing. 5 minutes into a pan of meat sauce, I noticed it was too quiet and went to check her. Poor kid was totally crashed out!


Crashed out in the bouncerMOMFAIL.


I didn’t realize she was exhausted. No wonder she was fussing! To be fair, everything I read said this crawling stuff wouldn’t happen until she was 7-10 months old, and she’s only 5 & 1/2 months. I don’t even know what to do with her. I guess she needs more naps now? And I need to finish babyproofing ASAP.

sleeping arrangements

I thought that Lilu would sleep in her crib in our room when she came home from the hospital. Unfortunately, I was unable to sleep for 7 straight days because I would jump up with every little coo and squeak she made. Plus she had spit up issues whenever we lay her flat after eating (which was around the clock at first). So we ended up putting her in the carseat of all places.


Hanging out

(I think she might be trying to flick me off.)


Then she slept in the Snugglenest. I felt better about that since it’s at least intended for sleeping.


Taking a nap with dad


Then she wanted movement, so we let her sleep in the swing. (A LOT.)





Then, finally, we put her in her little crib. She was such a peach.


Good morning sunshine!



And now, after only 3 months in her crib, she sleeps on her futon because that serenely swaddled baby above has become this little menace:


Evil Genius


She’s a swaddle-breaking, head-banging extraordinaire. But on her futon? She sleeps like this:



Perfectly Angelic.


Then when she wakes up, she is just happy as can be and crawls to her toys, playing with them until I go in to check on her.


Naptime is over!!

She loves it and it’s working great for us.


lilu’s nursery tour

Planning a nursery for your first child is pretty silly business. I know I fantasized about diapering her on the changing table and tucking her all swaddled in to the crib. I bust out laughing just thinking about it because here we are, just 6 months in, and I don’t use the changing pad, crib, or swaddles anymore. My little girl is growing up faster than I ever imagined. Thank goodness we are having more babies!


Here is a reminder of what we started with:

Nursery starting point


And here it is today, all tricked out:

Napping in the Nursery
Don’t mind Lilu, she’s just taking a nap.



Decorated shelves
Top shelf: Hamtaro Adam gave me in college, a book from my Children’s Lit class “How We Live In Tokyo”, Lilu’s goldfish wash poof from my sister-in-law, a polka-dotted toucan from Loren, a wooden frog rattle from Glen, and a pumpkin I brought back from Japan for Adam.

Bottom shelf: A piece of coral I filched from my father-in-law, a treasure chest I gave to my mother when I was young, a starfish Adam gave me in Tarpon Springs, a blue sake bottle, a conch shell that was my mother’s, a cute card I picked out when I first wanted a child, and a ceramic shell I painted in preschool.


Changing station
The diapering station has a cloth wipes warmer and other assorted booty booty. We used a picnic utensil organizer from Target to hold toiletries and nighttime cloth diapers. The flower is a battery votive I got as a gift in college, the shells were my mom’s collection, and the littlest jar holds beach glass I gathered in Bermuda. The party dress was a gift from our friend Ilylia all the way from Malaysia. It has the prettiest mother of pearl buttons up the back.



Mini Bloom crib
Her little crib.



Handmade Quilt
Her handmade quilt from my college friend, Lissa. One of the greatest treasure in the room!



Lilu on the futon
Uh-oh she’s up. Better hurry! The icebucket in the corner holds toys, the ottoman hides her humidifier, and the futon is great for playing, sleeping, and changing. (More on that later.)


Reading area
We put this little bookshelf in the closet because I know she will be a great reader like her mom and dad. All of these books were either gifts or from our own childhood bookshelves. The cloud box is something I used in my Japanese dorm and holds coloring supplies. My friend Sachi sent the cute kokeshi doll, the start of a fine collection since I think I will get her one every year. I love them. :)


Packed closet!
And of course, her packed little closet. I love the wood hangers. They keep her onesies much neater than the heap of sleepers we have in her drawers.


Well that’s it and I wouldn’t change a thing!


repetitive music repetitive music repetitive music

is no big deal.

Thank you RPGs. Playing you for hours on end has made me completely oblivious to repetitive midi songs. Now my baby’s various noisy, sing-song toys don’t bother me one bit, no matter how many times she smacks them on.

43/50: shopping for last minute items

I need a laundry basket, night light, a diaper pail, a changing pad and cover, and a mini crib mattress pad. I also want to check out those items I picked out from west elm for my mom’s house in person. Hopefully we can get what I need and get home quick, since it looks like it’s going to rain like crazy.


Update: Holy freaking crap, I am never going to Ikea on a Saturday ever again! It was a mad house!! I should have expected it since it’s right in time for college shopping, but wow. And it poured!


But, since I refused to leave without getting what we needed AGAIN, we got everything on the list. I visited the girls’ room 3 times, and I had my beloved cheapy Ikea pizza. The west elm stuff ended up being kind of a bust. The quilt was so thin, I’m worried it will fall apart. But my husband brought up the fact that it’s just a guest room and doesn’t need to take a beating, so maybe I will give it a chance anyway?

39/50: finalize coming home outfit

I keep worrying about this but does anyone but me even care? It would already be picked except that the nurse mentioned on the tour that they don’t cloth diaper and that they have to be able to see their labelled anklet at all times. So I need smaller newborn clothes and they can’t be sleepers.


Update: I decided to bring 2 outfits for the newborn photos and 1 going home outfit. I also brought socks, bibs, and those hand mittens (which I am hoping I won’t have to use).

38/50: design our bedroom at mom’s

I get a whole room to design at my mom’s new apartment! It’s got to fit Adam and I, and the baby. So I need a crib, queen bed, bedding for both, and curtains. I need blackout curtains since the baby will be in there, as well as rounded edges and either white, dark, or heavily printed fabrics so that stains aren’t an issue. Time to play around online to see what I come up with. I’m hitting West Elm’s website first. They just came out with a bunch of awesome hand block printed bedding.


Update: Ok, I couldn’t pick just one so I put them all up. I’ll probably let my husband decide since he has to sleep there too.


Here’s what I came up with:

Bedroom at Mom's Styletray

I like the red coral and brown, but Adam likes the blue. I wish we could do both. If only I had another bedroom at my house!!

32/50: get a diaper pail

I’m looking for a diaper pail. It’s for cloth so I don’t need like a diaper genie or anything, just a pail that can act as a diaper pail. There’s a lot of dorm stuff out right now, so I’m hoping to score something cheap and cute. I already have 2 drawstring Grovia pail liners, and I was thinking of getting one of those Ikea pails since the are the same color. But I also have a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so I want to check them out too.




Update: I made it to Ikea and got a couple of things for the kitchen, then we went to West Elm to look at woven baskets since that’s my preferred type of laundry basket and I need another one. Then we went to the grocery and I couldn’t walk anymore. I didn’t even make it to BBB! I was having really painful Braxton Hicks contractions and I felt like my baby was just going to fall out on the sidewalk.


So FAIL on this one! I’ll have to go back out another time. :/ At least I got some pretty cloth napkins for the new dining room…? Ugh, I’m so stupid sometimes!

31/50: create a baby cabinet in the new kitchen

I plan to breastfeed, but I have 4 large cartons of formula “samples” I’ve collected over the past few moths. (They try to get you hooked early!) And I have a lot of bottles, bottle brushes, a microwave sterilizer, and a dishwasher basket that all need a place to live in the new kitchen. Since we didn’t have any of this stuff in the old kitchen, we didn’t even plan for it. (What can we say, we’re absolute geniuses.) So now I need to go figure that out…

30/50: pick up the (free!) swing

My friend Joy had a baby last year and has been giving us tons of stuff as her son outgrows them. She’s been saving the big swing for us, but we need to bring the truck over to pick it up since it won’t fit into a car. It’s been sitting in her living room for a while, but today is the day! She also said something about a playmat gym, too. I love that woman! <3