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40/50: discuss birth plan with my ob

Okay so I didn’t actually write a birth plan out, but that was because, after a lot of research, I realized that a birth plan is pretty pointless. You can’t plan a birth. It’s going to go the way it goes and the only thing you can do is know your stuff, ask questions, and hold on tight. I had questions, and I was happy with my doctor’s answers.


He has a low c-section rate and prefers to deliver vaginally. He also does not use forceps and rarely does episiotomies. All that makes me very happy. However, my doctor wants to induce at 41 weeks. That means my baby has until the 28th to plop herself out. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except that I am positive I’ll go beyond that.


As of this morning, I am only a fingertip dilated and my cervix has moved forward, but that’s it. He said I would not go into labor this week, for sure. :/ TheĀ  17th-28th is a small target to aim for, but I’m hoping to hit it!

39/50: finalize coming home outfit

I keep worrying about this but does anyone but me even care? It would already be picked except that the nurse mentioned on the tour that they don’t cloth diaper and that they have to be able to see their labelled anklet at all times. So I need smaller newborn clothes and they can’t be sleepers.


Update: I decided to bring 2 outfits for the newborn photos and 1 going home outfit. I also brought socks, bibs, and those hand mittens (which I am hoping I won’t have to use).

38/50: design our bedroom at mom’s

I get a whole room to design at my mom’s new apartment! It’s got to fit Adam and I, and the baby. So I need a crib, queen bed, bedding for both, and curtains. I need blackout curtains since the baby will be in there, as well as rounded edges and either white, dark, or heavily printed fabrics so that stains aren’t an issue. Time to play around online to see what I come up with. I’m hitting West Elm’s website first. They just came out with a bunch of awesome hand block printed bedding.


Update: Ok, I couldn’t pick just one so I put them all up. I’ll probably let my husband decide since he has to sleep there too.


Here’s what I came up with:

Bedroom at Mom's Styletray

I like the red coral and brown, but Adam likes the blue. I wish we could do both. If only I had another bedroom at my house!!

37/50: choose apartment with mom

Yesterday was a bust. All the places were either too ghetto or didn’t have anything on the ground floor until after September. So today we went to look at the apartments where Adam and I used to live 5 years ago. We loved the neighborhood and amenities, but it was too expensive for us at the time ($800 for a 635 1/1), so we bought our house.


However, the prices have become a lot better since then. We got her a 1200sqft 3/2 for $1k. It met all the requirements and includes the washer & dryer, free wifi — which is awesome since I want to teach my mom how to use the internet, and valet trash, she just has to put it outside the door. Very convenient!


Here is the exact layout:

Mom's apt layout


We co-signed on the lease and will have our own room there. Since it’s so close to Adam’s job, I can have lunch with him during the week. Plus it has a pool, jacuzzi, gym, and a racquetball room, so I can work off the pregnancy flab. I’m really excited about it and my mom is happy because she’ll be near us and the baby, but will have a lot of space to herself. :)

36/50: view apartments with mom

My mom has suddenly decided that, with a grandbaby on the way, she wants to live in my city and be a good grandma. I am super happy about this, but geez mom! Couldn’t you figure this out like a month ago?! I am SO PREGNANT!!


Anyway, we have a lot of apartments here in Ocoee, and many along the way to Adam’s job. So he stopped by a few on the way to work yesterday to get info on them. Unlike when he and I were looking at apartments in college, cost is not the deciding factor. She was recently in a car accident, so she needs special accommodations, specifically:

- Safe location
- Ground floor
- Clean spaces and grounds
- Friendly staff
- Washer and dryer in the unit


Hopefully we can find a good place today!

34/50: choose new doorknobs

Our house has those standard brass knobs from the 90′s. I really hate them! So we’re getting brushed nickel ones that match the kitchen hardware. We’re getting the lever type, too, since I will have a baby in my arms and can open this type with my elbow. :)

33/50: pre-register for delivery at the hospital

Bor-ing, but necessary. I’d already pre-registered at Winnie Palmer, but since I’m no longer preterm, I can deliver at the local hospital. Yay! I’ve been feeling really good about giving birth at Health Central since I toured it last week. Was that only a week ago? Man these frequent appointments make time fly!


Here is my latest bump picture:

Week 37


Notice the dark circles under my eyes. I really haven’t been sleeping at all. Last night was the worst. I tossed and turned until around 5:30, and I had to get up at 7 for my OB appointment. The good news is I DROPPED! The bad news? I think that’s why I couldn’t sleep! It’s going to be a long 2-4 weeks.

32/50: get a diaper pail

I’m looking for a diaper pail. It’s for cloth so I don’t need like a diaper genie or anything, just a pail that can act as a diaper pail. There’s a lot of dorm stuff out right now, so I’m hoping to score something cheap and cute. I already have 2 drawstring Grovia pail liners, and I was thinking of getting one of those Ikea pails since the are the same color. But I also have a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so I want to check them out too.




Update: I made it to Ikea and got a couple of things for the kitchen, then we went to West Elm to look at woven baskets since that’s my preferred type of laundry basket and I need another one. Then we went to the grocery and I couldn’t walk anymore. I didn’t even make it to BBB! I was having really painful Braxton Hicks contractions and I felt like my baby was just going to fall out on the sidewalk.


So FAIL on this one! I’ll have to go back out another time. :/ At least I got some pretty cloth napkins for the new dining room…? Ugh, I’m so stupid sometimes!

31/50: create a baby cabinet in the new kitchen

I plan to breastfeed, but I have 4 large cartons of formula “samples” I’ve collected over the past few moths. (They try to get you hooked early!) And I have a lot of bottles, bottle brushes, a microwave sterilizer, and a dishwasher basket that all need a place to live in the new kitchen. Since we didn’t have any of this stuff in the old kitchen, we didn’t even plan for it. (What can we say, we’re absolute geniuses.) So now I need to go figure that out…