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So remember how I said yesterday that I was going to beg my doctor for an extension on my due date? I totally changed my mind after the growth ultrasound. She measured 8 1/2 lbs, with a big head. I know it can be off by 15%, and she might only be 7lbs and a few ounces, but that also means she could be over 9lbs — which is terrifying.


I’m 2.5cm dilated and 70% effaced, and I’ve been having contractions every half hour for DAYS. I couldn’t sleep last night, and I couldn’t eat much today. I’ve also been sick to my stomach. All that points to labor anyway, so hopefully my body is getting primed for this. (If not, my body sucks.)


I’m scared out of my mind. Not about labor, or delivery — ok, so the whole having my water broken by a man with a giant fishhook freaks me out a bit — but mostly the whole “Here is your baby. Good luck.” send off. I mean, I don’t have any experience with babies! So here I am, 12 hours from going to the hospital, freaking out on the internet. I’m going to go distract myself with a roll of paper towels and some Windex before I hyperventilate.

to induce or not to induce

I have my 40 week OB appointment tomorrow. Last week I wasn’t dilated at all and my cervix had only moved forward, but my doctor was already discussing induction. He said he wanted to do it this Thursday. I have been freaking out ever since.


I mean Thursday?! HOLY CRAP that’s only 4 days after my due date! I thought I got 2 weeks? But no, he wants me to come in tomorrow, check my dilation and, if I’m not making progress, give me cervical ripening drugs. Then he wants me to come in on Thursday for Pitocin.


I don’t want any of this (well except the no longer pregnant part, but who in their right mind enjoys being overdue?) Since there is no medical reason to induce I’d rather not, especially if my cervix isn’t ready at all. If I’m 3 or 4 centimeters dilated then that will give me something to think about. I mean, doesn’t that mean my body is gearing up anyway?


So I’m trying to get the courage to ask for an extension on my pregnancy. I’m hoping he’ll let me go until Monday the 29th. That’d put me at 41 weeks and 1 day, which I feel more comfortable with. Inducing right after the due date just feels wrong. I’m hoping I can convince my OB to hold off and that she comes on her own during that time. Please let this be the case!

49/50: get a pedicure

Today my husband and I are getting pedicures. 2 of my girlfriends are coming, too. My feet are so jacked right now. I haven’t painted my toes since my baby shower in JUNE, and I can’t reach my feet comfortably anymore. Considering that the only shoes I can wear are a single pair of flip-flops, I am not a happy girl. Adam has been complaining about an ingrown-toenail, too, so he needs one as badly as I do. And Owen got groomed, too, since he was super shaggy. God, I guess the entire family just kind of let go! O.o


I want one of these chairs ;)

Ahhh I feel sooo much better. I forgot how much service you get at this place. It’s Candy’s Nails on Silver Star and Clarke. They seat you in these fabulous chairs that massage your back and have a hot tub for your feet. Then they massage your feet and legs with a sea salt scrub and then 2 types of lotion, one before pumicing your heels and one after. Then they give you your pedicure. $25 for all that, or $30 if you get French tip polish. It’s heavenly!


I love a french pedicure

47/50: set up the nursery closet

We need a new shelf, a cover for the pipe rod (yes, it’s actually a pipe), then we’ve got to sand, patch, and paint. This is also where our server, router, and security system are hooked up, so those have to be neatened up as well. Can’t wait! (I seriously can’t; I’m about to burst.)


Nursery closet starting point


The nursery closet After -- right

44/50: our last date night before baby

Today is my husband’s 30th birthday. Unfortunately we were too busy to drop everything and go all out for it. L My father-in-law came over to finish the kitchen. He got all the toekicks and trims on, so THE KITCHEN IS DONE!


Kitchen is DONE!!

And as a surprise, my mother-in-law also came over to help us clean up. She made our bed, did the dishes, straightened up, and even MOWED THE LAWN.

Adam's mom mowing the lawn

Yeah. Totally awesome.


Adam's 30th Birthday

I love my in-laws!


Later that night, I took Adam to the movies. He always talks about going to the movies, but I’m not much of a film person and it’s expensive, so we hardly ever go. But for his birthday? I can make an exception.


We saw the last Harry Potter, and it was surprisingly good.  (I say surprisingly because while I usually enjoy the heck out of these movies, Deathly Hallows Part 1 was boring and more than a little convoluted.) We had a dinner of hotdogs, sodas, and popcorn, and I later ate a little pepperoni pizza because I was still hungry. :3 It was really great and makes me want to go out on more movie dates. That said, I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to come out! I love me some crazy vampire hussies! :F

42/50: clean off the entertainment unit

This doesn’t seem like preparation for the baby, but the speakers and other electronics I’m making room for in the entertainment unit are currently collecting dust in the nursery-to-be. You know, that room we haven’t cleared out or painted or anything even though I’m due in 9 days. Yeah, I think that nesting itch is finally kicking in.

40/50: discuss birth plan with my ob

Okay so I didn’t actually write a birth plan out, but that was because, after a lot of research, I realized that a birth plan is pretty pointless. You can’t plan a birth. It’s going to go the way it goes and the only thing you can do is know your stuff, ask questions, and hold on tight. I had questions, and I was happy with my doctor’s answers.


He has a low c-section rate and prefers to deliver vaginally. He also does not use forceps and rarely does episiotomies. All that makes me very happy. However, my doctor wants to induce at 41 weeks. That means my baby has until the 28th to plop herself out. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except that I am positive I’ll go beyond that.


As of this morning, I am only a fingertip dilated and my cervix has moved forward, but that’s it. He said I would not go into labor this week, for sure. :/ The  17th-28th is a small target to aim for, but I’m hoping to hit it!

33/50: pre-register for delivery at the hospital

Bor-ing, but necessary. I’d already pre-registered at Winnie Palmer, but since I’m no longer preterm, I can deliver at the local hospital. Yay! I’ve been feeling really good about giving birth at Health Central since I toured it last week. Was that only a week ago? Man these frequent appointments make time fly!


Here is my latest bump picture:

Week 37


Notice the dark circles under my eyes. I really haven’t been sleeping at all. Last night was the worst. I tossed and turned until around 5:30, and I had to get up at 7 for my OB appointment. The good news is I DROPPED! The bad news? I think that’s why I couldn’t sleep! It’s going to be a long 2-4 weeks.

27/50: get my teeth cleaned

I hate going to the dentist, especially new dentists, but I gotta bite the bullet and get this done. Adam also needs a cleaning so we scheduled back to back appointments. I’m hoping this dentist/hygienist are better than the last ones. For $100 a pop I need a thorough cleaning.


Update: Back from the new dentist. I love our new hygienist! She is from our town and very nice, plus she’s a Stargate and BattleStar Galactica fan. And she totally broke my face. I had Chipotle after the cleaning and it buuurned. She really got in there and tore me up; nothing like the sissy cleanings I got last year. And our dentist was super hot. Like a Soap Opera Dentist. Of course his teeth were ridiculously perfect, too. But when someone is that good looking it’s hard to take them seriously. I was thinking “But is he a dentist in real life?” Like I was on set or something.

26/50: tour the l&d

I have an OB appointment and, since I’m 36 weeks, it’s time for the internals to start. Not looking forward to those at all. After that, we are going to tour the labor and delivery area. I’m pretty excited. This isn’t the fancy baby hospital, it doesn’t have 24 hour room service or marble floors, but it’s close and very clean. I can’t wait to see the rooms where my daughter will be born. :D


Update: The L&D at Health Central was awesome! The nurses were super nice, too. They said they deliver less than 100 babies a month, but everyone had a baby in their arms. lol It was pretty cool! The rooms were very large and pretty as well. I’m really looking forward to delivering there!