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22/50: purge all toiletries

Today I am going to do something I absolutely dread: purging my bathroom and linen closet.


After getting all the baby toiletries, breastfeeding, and postpartum stuff, I realized I don’t have anywhere to put it! So I need to purge all my toiletries, meds, makeup, and cleaning products since I store all of them together. This way I can put my extra large bottle of stool softener away!

20/50: make embarassing trip to the hospital

So last night, after a long bout of incredible pregnancy sex, I started leaking a lot of watery fluid. Like unreal amounts of fluid. And every time I sat up, more came out. This went on from about midnight to 8am and, while my husband slept, I lay in bed worrying about whether this was amniotic fluid or if it was just caused by all that good sex. I really had no idea. Plus my husband said that he smelled something different which really worried me.


When I sat up in the morning, I felt another gush. So I changed into my 4th pair of panties and called my friend who had a baby last year. She told me to call the doctor. The nurse there told me to go to the maternity hospital to get tested, since I’m 35 weeks and my hospital lacks a NICU. I figured they were just going to do a swab to see if it is amniotic fluid. So I didn’t shower, wear makeup, do my hair, or eat. How naive of me.


After checking in through triage, I did the usual urine sample, but then they had me strip and rigged me up to monitors to check my contractions and Lilu’s heart rate. I was not expecting this at all. Luckily, she was doing great, and I while I was having a lot of contractions, they weren’t even or consistent. Eventually a doctor came in to give me my first internal exam. I’m completely closed, -3 station. She also tested my fluid. The verdict? It’s not amniotic fluid. It’s just copious amounts of regular, run of the mill, scare the crap out of a first time mom fluid. Good to know.



So what have I learned today?


1. Going through four pairs of underwear in one day is no big deal in L&D land. Since I’m at level 15.5 of the healthy 5-25 range, when my water actually breaks, it will run down my leg and continue to puddle for hours upon hours. Sounds fab!


2. I have no idea when I’m having contractions. What I have always thought was Lilu moving and kicking me in a painful way was actually her reacting to my contractions. So counting contractions probably won’t be possible for me until they HURT. BADLY.


3. There are no quick trips to the hospital. This fiasco was 3 hours long, and an hour of that was driving. I think I will stay home until she’s term so I can go to the closer hospital, unless my water actually breaks, which as I mentioned will be my only clear indication of labor until the contractions become unbearable. Or I see blood. (Duh.)


Anyway, it was an experience. Now I’m starving and exhausted and I’ve just had enough. The oven repair guy is supposed to come soon and as soon as he leaves, I am passing out. Until then, I am going to eat dark chocolate Klondike bars. Just des(s)erts.

19/50: get a mom haircut

Ok not a real mom haircut, but right now my hair is like 4′ long and down my back. I look like a hippie. Plus I can’t keep my hair in a ponytail because it’s too heavy and just slides out. I think I want it short so I can keep it in a high ponytail, and I think I want my Japanese bangs back. :/


Just before we got married

Or maybe I just want my tiny, pre-pregnancy look back. OMG I had a neck and a jaw and everything!


Update with before and after!
Week 33

Week 36 - Haircut!

Ahhh much better!


18/50: wash all baby bedding

I need to wash my 500 receiving blankets, swaddling blankets, crib sheets, boppy covers, and mattress protectors. I need to seal the PUL on my diaper pail liners as well so I will go ahead and toss those in, too.


On top of that, I have been doing our regular laundry since 6am. Yes, it has taken hours. This pregnancy thing is getting old. My belly button is burning and I can only stand and walk for a few minutes before I have to sit down again. Laaaaaaame.

17/50: put together postpartum kit

Warning: I keep it real. You might not want to read this!


I want a bunch of good stuff:
Lots of Tucks
Witch hazel
A peri bottle
Stool softener
Numbing spray like dermoplast
Sitz bath with salts? (I’ve seen this rec’ed online, still considering it.)


And finally, I don’t know what to do about pads. Some people even recommend Depends! It seems weird to cloth diaper my baby and then wear a disposable diaper myself. I do have some pads leftover from 3 years ago when I stopped using disposables. I usually use cloth pads on my first day and toilet paper for the rest since my period isn’t all that crazy. Maybe I’ll make some t-shirt rags. Yuck, I feel like such a Prairie Hippie just saying that.

15/50: pack diaper bag

You might have noticed that my hospital bags didn’t have any baby items listed. That’s because she gets her own fabulous bag. I’m also bringing the Boppy. I know, the nurses are just going to love me. lol


Diaper bag:
2 newborn pacifiers
2 Burp cloths
2 blankets
2 Baby outfits
2 cloth diapers & 2 covers
4 Cloth wipes
Wet bag with changing pad
Baby butt lotion*


Keep in mind that my hospital is only 8 minutes away. Honestly, I don’t need half this stuff, but I did enjoy packing one for the first time. :)


At 35 weeks, with the carseat in and all the bags packed, we are finally ready for the birth! Now if I could just get the kitchen and nursery together…

14/50: pack hospital bags

My birth class coach gave us a booklet with a handy dandy list of stuff to put into our hospital bags. That’s right, bags. Apparently we need 2, a backpack with essentials needed during labor, and a small suitcase for the postpartum recovery period. I’ll be packing these today. Well, packing what I can, if it has an asterisk it’s because I need to buy that stuff.


Labor goody bag:
Robe & Slippers*
Focal point (Tutu)
Sour candy*
Lotion & tools for massage
Unscented lip balm
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Magazines/books (I’m bringing my Nook Color)
Contacts, case, saline, & glasses
Hair ties and headbands
Pens & notebook
Extra pillows with pretty, colored pillowcases

Postpartum Recovery Suitcase
Nursing gowns & pajamas
Nursing bras*
Nursing pads*
Clothes & underwear
Snacks like granola bars & trail mix


I’m going to add:


My purse:
Chargers for my phone, Nook, and Ipod
Wallet with insurance card & pediatrician’s card
Cash & change for vendies

13/50: wash all baby clothes

I ordered a set of 85 wooden baby hangers from Amazon and they just arrived yesterday. Now that I have a way to store Lilu’s baby clothes, I can wash them. It’s about 4 loads. Then I want to sort them by size and hang them up.


Honestly, the hanging part will be hard since the nursery, closet included, needs to be empty so we can paint. That means we’ll have to hang them in the playroom closet, which is already stuffed. A lot of it is maternity clothes I need to sort and box up, and kitchen stuff. I guess I can get to work in there while the washer and dryer do their thing.



Closet is a mess!


You know, this would be a lot easier if I wasn’t so freaking pregnant. Now my back hurts all the time, I can’t bend or lift much, and I constantly feel like I need a nap. How lame is that?


Oh well, getting started!

Hanging Lilu's clothesAt least they look pretty. :)

12/50: prep 12 more cloth diapers

Prefolds before prepping

So I bought some more cloth diapers and now I have to prep them. 5 hot washes & high dries, and I need to stretch the plastic snappis out. The why of it is a little more complicated.



While hanging out with my in-laws for 4th of July weekend, my mother-in-law asked how many cloth diapers we had. I answered 24 — 2 days worth. (Which was a good guess, we actually have 27.) She said we needed at least 3 days worth and preferably a week’s worth. Then she asked if I would be offended if she brought disposables over to use since we don’t have enough cloth diapers. I choked.


Doesn’t anyone know about cloth diapers anymore? I mean they are making a huge comeback, it seems like everyone on the internet is using them, and yet I still get so much flack whenever I talk about it in the real world. I just don’t get it! So I’m making this post in defense of cloth diapers to clear up the misconceptions I keep coming across.


1. 24-36 Newborn diapers & 24-36 One sized diapers are enough.

I don’t need a week’s worth of cloth diapers, what I need is my washer and dryer. Not to mention that at a rate of 12 diapers a day, I’d have 84 diapers! Where would I even put them all?! And how people store all the disposables is just beyond me. Those bulk packs are huge and one child goes through thousands before potty training! (Between 5000 and 8000.)


2. One of the greatest pros of cloth diapering is that it’s cheaper.
Cheaper by thousands of dollars. Seriously. When I decided to get another day’s worth of CDs as a buffer, I selected the cheapest option possible: prefolds and some snappi securers. Totaling this up along with the cost of my original luxury set of 27 diapers, I have:


$21   – 12 prefolds
$7     – 3 snappis
$36   – 5 newborn covers
$60   – 5 small covers
$300 – 25 fitted diapers
+$45   – 2 All-In-One diapers
$470 – 39, size 5-15lbs diapers

I will spend another $600 on 24 diapers in the next size up, which are even more adjustable, fitting 15-40lbs. Now I don’t have to buy these until November, but lets just say I spent $1070 total upfront. Considering that disposables cost $3000+ per child, and I can reuse these for all of my kids, cloth is a lot cheaper. ($2000 for one child, $5000 for 2 children, $8000 for 3 children, and $11,000 for 4 children.)


3. Cloth diapers retain a lot of their original value.
Once I buy them, they are mine to keep. And when I’m done with them? I can sell them for at least 50% of what they cost me. Try that with a used disposable!


4. It’s very convenient to cloth diaper.
I will never have to worry about buying diapers ever again. I will never have to run out at 9:50pm to buy diapers before Publix closes. I will never have to worry about the cost of diapering my next child, or the next, or the next. Not to mention, you’re supposed to flush the poop in disposable diapers. It says so right on the box. That’s because it’s illegal and unsanitary to throw human waste into the trash. So anyone who says disposables are easier because just you just wrap-n-trash them, well, they aren’t.

From Target’s Up&Up brand diaper packaging:

PLEASE: Before disposing of dirty diapers, empty into toilet. Then wrap in the waterproof backing before discarding in waste receptacle.
From Pampers’ website:

Waste removal: As the Pampers bag recommends, you’ll want to dump bowel movements in the toilet. Then just roll the diaper into its backsheet, using the tape or fasteners to keep it closed, and dispose of it in the trash.


5. New cloth diapers have fewer blowouts and little or no diaper rash.
Modern cloth diapers have gussets — little sections of ruffled elastic — that catch waste and keep it contained. They have them in the legs and in the back, where blowouts are most likely to occur. I chose fitted diapers & covers because they both have gussets. My babe will be sporting 3 gussets in total, and that extra protection will save her onesies and bedding, and my sanity.

Today’s cloth diapers also use new fabrics like Bamboo, Zorb, and Microfleece which are more absorbent than the standard cotton of the olden days. These fabrics absorb at a faster rate and wick moisture away from the baby’s bum more quickly and without harsh chemicals. This leads to less diaper rash.


5. Cloth diapered children usually potty train 6-24months quicker.
The average is between 24-30 months, because they can feel that they are slightly wet. Compare that to the 36-42 month average of disposable diapered children. I was cloth diapered in the old school prefolds and potty trained at 18 months!


6. Cloth is better for the environment and the health of the baby.
Disposables contain carcinogenics linked to cancer. Period. Why would anyone create these chemicals and then strap them to a baby? Why needlessly fill landfills with tons of these chemicals, plastics, and vaccine-infected human feces? No amount of convenience is worth that.


And for those who have read studies that say cloth and disposables have the same impact:

In July 1991, the United Kingdom’s Women’s International Network found that all of the available research on the environmental impact of disposable diapers had been funded directly by makers of disposables. A London independent environmental agency, the Landbank Consultancy, was asked to review and evaluate the data. The Landbank Report concluded that, compared to cloth diapers, throwaway diapers use 20 times more raw materials, three times more energy, twice as much water, and generate 60 times more waste. Using the Landbank Report, the Women’s International Network challenges Proctor & Gamble’s environmental equivalency claims before the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The ASA rules that P&G’s claims are misleading. Under pressure from the press, P&G withdraws its claims. They later pay out of court settlements.


7. Cloth is cute and disposables are tacky and ugly.
I live in Florida. Here, diaper + t-shirt = outfit. So I see a lot of plastic disposable butts and it is not cute. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, are adorable. My favorite brand, Twinkie Tush, makes super attractive, high quality diapers. And she’s an American work at home mom. I can support that!



I know which one I’d rather wear.

11/50: 3d ultrasound

This morning, we’re going in for our 3D ultrasound. I wasn’t planning to get one since I think they look kinda creepy and are a waste of money, but my doctor ordered it. He wants to check to see how big she is and where the cord is since she’s so large and active. He also said I could go as many times as I want as a free service to his patients, but I’m afraid that seeing her face will make me want her in my arms even more.


I will update with creepy blobby baby pictures when we get back. ;)


Okay, so we couldn’t get any pictures of Lilu’s face. :( But that’s because she is already in prime birth position; head down, with her nose against my spine. And we didn’t want to mess with that.


Instead, we got to see her big head, which is covered in thick hair, and we watched her take deep breaths. She isn’t too chubby, but is very long. Her hands and feet were up by her ears, so she’s quite the contortionist, and she has a very strong heartbeat. We had some concerns about her heart around week 18. So even now, at 34 weeks, I still worry about it. I’m so happy that she looked healthy and active, and I will get to see her soon!