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we have doors!

A loooooooooooooooong time ago, Adam decided to replace the pocket door that leads to the hallway. Sounds simple right? Except that it was caulked in, and then someone drilled a thermostat through it. (Lesson: Nothing is ever easy in this house!!!)


Adam uncaulking the pocket door
Adam took out the thermostat and put it on the other side of the A/C in the hallway, & cut the caulk with a box cutter. Success!



But then the door was stuck. It had to come out, it was riddled with holes and had nails in it. Plus it’s that wonderful hollow style door that was so chic in the 60′s.


Here’s a video of Adam busting in the door, and almost busting his ass!


He eventually did kick the door in, but once we saw what was behind the molding, we decided to redo all the moldings in the house.



Which brings us to our story of the doors. You see, in our house, the only thing holding up the door frames were the moldings. So when we took the molding down, all the doors, frames and all, came toppling down. We have been living without doors since June 13th of 2010. That’s 3 days shy of a full year!! That’s why I’m so excited about a few doors!


We decided to harvest the nursery door and turn it into our new pocket door. Adam did this by adding wheels to the top. He got the wheels online. We then replaced the nursery door with a 15 lite french door.
New Doors

I feel like this makes so much more sense. We can close off that section of the house and the french door makes the hallway much more welcoming. Plus we can peek in on Lilu whenever we want without actually going into the room. :) I am so glad we did this!

today sucks

Normally I have amazing luck. Like HOLY CRAP I’M LUCKY OR THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SHIT. Well “`today was shit. I don’t know where the hell my luck went, but that bitz wasn’t with me today.


First of all, we failed the 2nd kitchen inspection, which was for insulation. Apparently the insulation inspector caught things the electrical inspector was supposed to tell use to include for fire safety — things that have nothing to do with insulation — and basically tells us to rip down the radiant barrier paper to put more wood up where the walls meet the ceiling. Okay, fine. Next time let people know BEFORE they do the insulation. Also, this isn’t part of today’s inspection checklist but since he’s a structural inspector hardass so he won’t pass us. BS! But moving on.


Then we have to rush over to the OB appointment only to find out that 1. He has merged practices with someone else so the waiting room is filled with a hellavalot of rude, non-pregnant, stare-y patients who don’t know that the bathroom is there for giving SAMPLES ONLY, MOFOS. And 2. That I failed my Gestational Diabetes test and have to go in for the 3 hour round of torture. Which I don’t have time to actually do because I’ll be in Tampa for a week while the drywall and paint goes up.


And it just keeps getting better! After we get home from lunching, Adam takes the rest of the day off from work to rush around trying to get everything together for an inspection this afternoon. He finishes, calls the inspector, and the guy says “Sorry, we’ll have to do it in the morning.” It’s lame and it sets everything back a day meaning we have to contact 10 people to let them know we’ve shifted the time table. (Insert explicative(s) of choice.)


So now everything is up in the air, I’m supposed to already BE in Tampa with my SIL but instead I’m going crazy trying to calm Adam down while he calls all these people, rearranges the appointments, and cleans up the house for tomorrow’s work. I haven’t even packed because I don’t know how long I’m staying or when.


At least I got a good bump picture! 28 weeks!

28 weeks!

We had to take twice as many pictures as usual to get this one & almost gave up on it!

buring the midnight oil

Since all the electric and plumbing work is done, we spent all day putting up insulation and radiant barrier. The kitchen is on the south side of the house and, because this is Florida, that means a lot of heat comes in right on this wall. Adding lots of insulation here is not only green, it’s also very cost effective.


Here’s what’s up in the ceiling, under the insulation:
Inside the ceiling

Those styrofoam boxes are called baffles. They keep the insulation from blocking air flow. Seems weird that the attic needs air flow, but otherwise the air in the attic gets super hot, which can transfer to the house, trap moisture, and damage the roof shingles.


Me stapling radiant barrier
The radiant barrier goes along the block walls, where we don’t have any insulation. It basically bounces the heat waves back out, instead of letting them come into the house. It looks like foil on one side and like a paper bag on the other.


Adam putting up radiant barrier
As soon as these last bits are done, we can go to bed! Inspection is tomorrow, 8am sharp!

psycho pregnancy dreams

I have been having some crazy ass dreams lately, but this one takes the cake. It’s totally wish-fulfillment central. Every single aspect is something I secretly desire.


So here’s the dream:
My husband and I are 10 years younger, we aren’t pregnant yet, and we’ve just moved into a brand new house with huge windows and a great view. As a welcoming gift from the home builders, my guest room daybed is covered with 5 different JuJuBe diaper bags with finishes by Kate Spade. Inside the diaper bags? Box after box of all my favorite Girl Scout cookies.


When I woke up I was so disappointed!! It felt SO REAL. I was young, and skinny, and my house was beautiful and didn’t need to be torn to bits. The guest room just needed a crib to be ready for our future babies. I didn’t have to chose between a functional diaper bag or a stylish diaper bag, because I while I love JuJuBe, the prints will make you go blind, and while I love Kate Spade, that bitz needs to learn about POCKETS. (They are a good thing, Katie!)


The real kicker was the Girl Scout cookies at the very end. They haven’t been selling them for months now so there is no way I can get my swollen little fingers on them. As if that were possible anyway — I was inventing flavors here, too, like chocolate cheesecake and something with Reese’s peanut butter. Cruelest dream ever!

crazy in the head

Ok so here’s the deal, I’m about to hit my third trimester, my nesting urge has kicked in like WHOA, and my nursery currently looks like this:

Try to find the crib!
Nursery is even worse!


But wait! It gets better! My kitchen looks like this:
Kitchen Demoed


And here’s my lovely living room:
Living room in chaos


It’s out of hand! Honestly, this just snowballed into crazy town. At first it was just a cosmetic remodel. I swear. I just wanted new cabinets, counters, a dishwasher, and to re-texture and re-paint the walls.


Then we started messing with the footprint. Let’s switch the refrigerator out for the oven! And play musical chairs with their power supplies! So we had to remove the drywall & ceiling.


Then we saw what a mess the plumbing and electrical were, so instead of just adding lines for the switch & dishwasher, we had to gut everything and start over. Overzealous again, we started adding lights, a range hood, extra outlets, and that’s when we really looked into our electric system. We could not believe what we were seeing. Holmes at Homes would have flipped out.


My panel (circuit breaker box) was *recalled* and is all over the internet for safety hazard warnings. Like rampant fires. Even without adding all these extras, there was a huge chance of us overloading our current breakers & burning the house down.  With, you know, a newborn baby in it. So now we’re waiting for the electrician to come replace the panel, as well as the electrical line to our house.


Our remodeling project has ballooned in cost and time, but we know it’s well worth it. This is our home, our first little fixer-upper, and we want to do right by it and stay safe, too. Hopefully we can enjoy living here for a long time.


About 3 months ago, when I was all tiny and cute and barely pregnant (and out of my effing mind), I got a genius idea: I want to redo the kitchen. Like, gut it to the studs.

Why? Because of Shangri-la – that’s what I call my dream kitchen. I don’t usually talk about it, but I think about it constantly. It has white cabinets, neutral minimalist counter tops, and, most importantly, a dishwasher. (I say that last word with a heady amount of reverence.)

At first I was picturing a little country kitchen like this one.
Dream Kitchen

Then, I saw this modern version and fell head over heels.
Fab Ikea Kitchen

It’s Ikea, too, which means I can afford it without trying to MacGyver a pantry out of stuff at the ReStore. (And I am so not a tinkerer.)


Here’s what our kitchen used to look like before we moved in, in 2006. I remember thinking it was a cute, good sized kitchen, but that the owners had obviously chosen to go as cheap as possible when they put it in.
The kitchen at move-in

After we moved in, we painted, got appliances, threw in a little bamboo roman blind, and made it all cozy. While it looked great, it was an uphill battle to keep it neat. The lack of functional space and no dishwasher meant the counters were constantly covered. And I hate clutter. It also irritated me that the fridge visually blocked the door and that the air vent blew directly onto my stovetop. Not a smart layout at all.

Kitchen After


Here is our plan for the new kitchen. We changed the footprint, added a lot of pantry space, and, be still my heart, a dishwasher. I’m in love with it!
Left Side New Kitchen
Right Side New Kitchen

I’m still not sure about the dark blue paint with no backsplash shown in these renderings. I keep going back and forth between the blue and all white with a subway tile backsplash. Both will look good, they’re just different. Hmm…

because my husband finds it sexy…

… when I can’t get my newly-huge ass up on the examination table.

25 weeks & 3 days!

Maybe it’s the paper linens? That mother and child painting is totally working it, too. It’s so life-like that facebook tried to tag it, asking me “who is this?” (I don’t know, but apparently she wants a nap.)

But seriously, he thinks everything about my pregnant body is hot. Usually I’m game for that, but not at the OB’s office. And certainly not when he’s wielding a camera. I might look like I’m smiling, but I know that face. It totally says if you’re lying and my thighs actually resemble ham hocks, I will cut you.

But he was right, I look pretty damn good for 6 months pregnant! And I’m really glad we got one good maternity shot in before the cankles… cankle. That’s right, it’s a verb now. It’s the missing 13th day of Christmas. 13 Cankles cankling. (Never mind that someone is clearly missing a leg. Or –shudder– not cankling evenly.)

sunbaby diapers are crack



Seriously, if this arrived on your front door, wouldn’t you freak? Looks like drugs, right?! The mail lady gave me the side-eye when she handed it off, too, so I know I’m not the only one who thinks so. Heck, even Owen looks suspicious!


But no, these are just some Sunbaby diapers wrapped up to look like drugs. Because Moms need to keep their street cred.


Oh, diapers.

The diapers are really cute, but I’m pretty sure the DEA is watching me now.