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my post-baby body

I gained 37lbs while pregnant. I was 128lbs pre-preg and rocking 165lbs at delivery. Today at 6 months postpartum, I’m 132lbs. Even though I’m only 4lbs away from my previous weight, my body looks nothing like it used to. I have almost no waistline, my boobs, butt, and thighs are much bigger and jigglier, oh and I have stretchmarks everywhere. That stuff I can live with. The only thing that really bothers me is my testicle tummy. My belly was really big and stretched out, so now the skin is wrinkled and saggy, despite having a flat stomach. I hate this.


6 months postpartum belly - side

Looking pretty good from the side. (Lilu says hi.)


6 months postpartum belly - front
And testicle-y in front. :(

I hope this goes away before summer since I’ve never worn anything but a bikini.

46/50: clear out the nursery

Just a few days til my due date and we are finally starting on the nursery! The people who worked on our great room had to come back to redo some things, so we didn’t have space to clear out the room before today. I’m super excited to get it emptied out so we can paint!



Nursery starting point


Time to paint the nursery

19/50: get a mom haircut

Ok not a real mom haircut, but right now my hair is like 4′ long and down my back. I look like a hippie. Plus I can’t keep my hair in a ponytail because it’s too heavy and just slides out. I think I want it short so I can keep it in a high ponytail, and I think I want my Japanese bangs back. :/


Just before we got married

Or maybe I just want my tiny, pre-pregnancy look back. OMG I had a neck and a jaw and everything!


Update with before and after!
Week 33

Week 36 - Haircut!

Ahhh much better!


1/50: prep the newborn cloth diapers

So I have an army of cloth diapers I need to wash.

Newborn Cloth Diaper Stash


25 Kissaluvs size 0′s and 2 Imse Vimse newborn All-in-ones, all of which I will be washing & drying 5 times on hot/high. This preps the diapers so they are absorbent and ready to play catch. I also have 4 covers to wash, but I might do those by hand. Sounds like a good time, right? I’m pretty sure this is going to take all day.


Diapers are ready!


Yeah it totally took all day, this is a shot from the early morning. It turns out I had to wash them in batches of 12-13, so it actually took 10 washes. But it’s DONE!!

nothing says happy birthday quite like…

Cabinets. That’s right, slowly but surely, they’re going up! Happy 27th birthday to me!


The boys using good ole Ikea picture instructions.

Adam and his dad, building drawers


The cabinets were going in nice and level at that point, but it took a lot to get them there. First we had to tile the floors underneath the cabinets. We could have used another type of filler, but this was a cheap and easy solution.


OMG more tiling


Second, we noticed the walls were very uneven, to the point that they would definitely throw off the alignment of the countertop.


Not lining up


In order to fix this, the boys cut the portion of the drywall that butted up against the cabinet. Eventually they were able to get it perfectly straight. We were lucky that this was only a problem for the sink cabinet, because it was very time consuming and messy. If it were an end cabinet, we might have had to repair the drywall cosmetically, which would have taken up even more time. Considering that I’m already 30 weeks, we are cutting it close as it is!

we have doors!

A loooooooooooooooong time ago, Adam decided to replace the pocket door that leads to the hallway. Sounds simple right? Except that it was caulked in, and then someone drilled a thermostat through it. (Lesson: Nothing is ever easy in this house!!!)


Adam uncaulking the pocket door
Adam took out the thermostat and put it on the other side of the A/C in the hallway, & cut the caulk with a box cutter. Success!



But then the door was stuck. It had to come out, it was riddled with holes and had nails in it. Plus it’s that wonderful hollow style door that was so chic in the 60′s.


Here’s a video of Adam busting in the door, and almost busting his ass!


He eventually did kick the door in, but once we saw what was behind the molding, we decided to redo all the moldings in the house.



Which brings us to our story of the doors. You see, in our house, the only thing holding up the door frames were the moldings. So when we took the molding down, all the doors, frames and all, came toppling down. We have been living without doors since June 13th of 2010. That’s 3 days shy of a full year!! That’s why I’m so excited about a few doors!


We decided to harvest the nursery door and turn it into our new pocket door. Adam did this by adding wheels to the top. He got the wheels online. We then replaced the nursery door with a 15 lite french door.
New Doors

I feel like this makes so much more sense. We can close off that section of the house and the french door makes the hallway much more welcoming. Plus we can peek in on Lilu whenever we want without actually going into the room. :) I am so glad we did this!

kitchen updates

When I left my house, it looked like a giant paper bag.

paper bag room


But over the past 3 days I’ve been getting iphone updates from my husband showing major progress! So exciting!


drywall is up
drywall going up


mudded and done!
drywall mudded and done


apparently the retexturing happened & painting began
Living room paint going up!


the kitchen is done being painted
kitchen with paint


and the livingroom is in progress — love the color!
livingroom with paint


Tomorrow the trims and doors go in, and then the trim painting and other finishing work will be done. It’s amazing how fast these guys are! I’m so glad we hired this job out instead of doing it ourselves!

it’s electric, boogie woogie woogie woogie

The new panel is in! Our electrician finished replacing it in less than 4 hours, I was totally impressed. Total cost? $750. Awesome!


Our scary old recalled panel:
The old panel


Electrician Tony, grappling with all the wires:
Tony the electrician


The nice and neat new panel:
The new panel


We made sure the new panel has extra space in case we need to add lines in the future, such as outdoor lighting. Or motion sensors to our daughter’s bedroom windows.


About 3 months ago, when I was all tiny and cute and barely pregnant (and out of my effing mind), I got a genius idea: I want to redo the kitchen. Like, gut it to the studs.

Why? Because of Shangri-la – that’s what I call my dream kitchen. I don’t usually talk about it, but I think about it constantly. It has white cabinets, neutral minimalist counter tops, and, most importantly, a dishwasher. (I say that last word with a heady amount of reverence.)

At first I was picturing a little country kitchen like this one.
Dream Kitchen

Then, I saw this modern version and fell head over heels.
Fab Ikea Kitchen

It’s Ikea, too, which means I can afford it without trying to MacGyver a pantry out of stuff at the ReStore. (And I am so not a tinkerer.)


Here’s what our kitchen used to look like before we moved in, in 2006. I remember thinking it was a cute, good sized kitchen, but that the owners had obviously chosen to go as cheap as possible when they put it in.
The kitchen at move-in

After we moved in, we painted, got appliances, threw in a little bamboo roman blind, and made it all cozy. While it looked great, it was an uphill battle to keep it neat. The lack of functional space and no dishwasher meant the counters were constantly covered. And I hate clutter. It also irritated me that the fridge visually blocked the door and that the air vent blew directly onto my stovetop. Not a smart layout at all.

Kitchen After


Here is our plan for the new kitchen. We changed the footprint, added a lot of pantry space, and, be still my heart, a dishwasher. I’m in love with it!
Left Side New Kitchen
Right Side New Kitchen

I’m still not sure about the dark blue paint with no backsplash shown in these renderings. I keep going back and forth between the blue and all white with a subway tile backsplash. Both will look good, they’re just different. Hmm…