can’t… stop… buying… diapers…

One of the reasons I’m cloth diapering is to save money, but lots of moms warn that it’s easy to overbuy and overspend. So I’ve been trying to heed their advice and limit myself, but it’s so hard!! Why do cloth diapers have to be so cute? I’m seriously addicted!


Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1 kissaluvs fitted size 0
1 thirsties duo wrap snap size 1
2 imse vimse newborn all-in-ones
2 bummis one size all-in-ones
12 sunbaby one size pockets
and my newest acquisitions, 2 wiggle waddlers one size all-in-twos


Aren’t they adorable?



I blame my cousin Chrissy. She posted pics of her daughter wearing this brand and they were too cute, I had to get some for Lilu. But they won’t fit until she’s 12lbs since they’re one size diapers. So what I really need to do is stop getting these and start buying newborn sized diapers. I need 36 and I only have 3!

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