nothing says happy birthday quite like…

Cabinets. That’s right, slowly but surely, they’re going up! Happy 27th birthday to me!


The boys using good ole Ikea picture instructions.

Adam and his dad, building drawers


The cabinets were going in nice and level at that point, but it took a lot to get them there. First we had to tile the floors underneath the cabinets. We could have used another type of filler, but this was a cheap and easy solution.


OMG more tiling


Second, we noticed the walls were very uneven, to the point that they would definitely throw off the alignment of the countertop.


Not lining up


In order to fix this, the boys cut the portion of the drywall that butted up against the cabinet. Eventually they were able to get it perfectly straight. We were lucky that this was only a problem for the sink cabinet, because it was very time consuming and messy. If it were an end cabinet, we might have had to repair the drywall cosmetically, which would have taken up even more time. Considering that I’m already 30 weeks, we are cutting it close as it is!