we have doors!

A loooooooooooooooong time ago, Adam decided to replace the pocket door that leads to the hallway. Sounds simple right? Except that it was caulked in, and then someone drilled a thermostat through it. (Lesson: Nothing is ever easy in this house!!!)


Adam uncaulking the pocket door
Adam took out the thermostat and put it on the other side of the A/C in the hallway, & cut the caulk with a box cutter. Success!



But then the door was stuck. It had to come out, it was riddled with holes and had nails in it. Plus it’s that wonderful hollow style door that was so chic in the 60′s.


Here’s a video of Adam busting in the door, and almost busting his ass!


He eventually did kick the door in, but once we saw what was behind the molding, we decided to redo all the moldings in the house.



Which brings us to our story of the doors. You see, in our house, the only thing holding up the door frames were the moldings. So when we took the molding down, all the doors, frames and all, came toppling down. We have been living without doors since June 13th of 2010. That’s 3 days shy of a full year!! That’s why I’m so excited about a few doors!


We decided to harvest the nursery door and turn it into our new pocket door. Adam did this by adding wheels to the top. He got the wheels online. We then replaced the nursery door with a 15 lite french door.
New Doors

I feel like this makes so much more sense. We can close off that section of the house and the french door makes the hallway much more welcoming. Plus we can peek in on Lilu whenever we want without actually going into the room. :) I am so glad we did this!