baby shower!

Yesterday I had my luau themed baby shower. I didn’t get many pictures because Adam videotaped most of it, but here’s what I got with my camera before I accidentally left it on the hood of someone’s car for 3 hours. (I’m pulling the pregnancy brain card for this one.)


Here’s the food! Check out the watermelon cut too look like a pram!

Baby shower 1

This pina colada cake was amazing. I seriously could have eaten the whole thing!
Baby shower 2

Everyone had on leis and all the men wore hawaiian shirts.
Baby shower 3

This is an action shot of the adult hula hoop contest, which I refused to compete in!
Baby shower 4


After the hula hoops, we had a spear throwing competition. But I did compete in that, and I set my camera down to do it. So by the time I remembered to get a shot of us, the party was over and it was pitch black outside! Oops.


Baby shower 5

I think it’s pretty obvious from our faces, but we had a blast! Thanks so much to everyone who came and especially to Joy, who hosted with her 8 month old in tow! You’re crazy lady, but you pulled it off!