the 50/50: 50 things to do in the 50 days before baby comes

Over the course of my pregnancy and lengthy maternity leave, I have not become Suzie Homemaker. Instead I have become more like Carrie Bradshaw than I ever thought possible. I want to go shopping and get my nails done. Handbags call out to me. And I want to have crazy amounts of sex with my husband, whose smile makes me as absolutely giddy as it did when we were teenagers.


Where are my maternal instincts? Where are my nesting instincts? (And dear god, no one show that sexy man I just mentioned the latest credit card statement. All the pregnancy sex I can muster wouldn’t be enough to ease him into a state of mind where blowing $100 on an outfit that only fit for 5 minutes sounds like a good idea.)


In an effort to stop nesting with my wallet, I’ve created the 50/50, a master task list of all the crap I should have been doing instead of hanging out at Kate Spade. It has one task for each of the 50 days before baby arrives. I put the most important stuff up front, just in case baby comes early. It starts tomorrow!