7/50: clean up for kitchen work

My FIL is coming over tomorrow to work on the kitchen, so I need to clean up and take out the trash. Mostly I just need to organize the tools, wipe down the bathrooms, and vacuum. Adam usually does this stuff, but he suddenly came down with a cold. He’s even staying home from work today. :( We have our one and only birth class on Sunday, which I still need to prepare for, but I’m hoping he will have beaten this bug by then.


Anyway, here’s our kitchen progress so far:

Kitchen - left side cabinets

Kitchen - ride side cabinets

We still need to put a few more of the cabinets in. After that, we’ll install the counter tops. We have to do that before we can add doors, drawers, and all the stuff that belongs in them. (You know, the stuff currently filling up my nursery.) I’m so excited!