6/50: make appointments

I’m still photographing baby outfits because I ran out of daylight yesterday. But I have a ton of appointments I need to schedule that really can’t wait. Plus it’s cloudy this morning. :/


DONE – Birth classes: I reserved a spot for Sunday, but I need to confirm and pay for this.
DONE – 3d ultrasound: I have doctor’s orders, but I need to chose a date & location.
DONE – Dental cleaning: Periodontal disease is linked to preterm labor, so I want to knock this out.
DONE – Septic inspection & maintenance: Because I live in the sticks.
Waiting for a callback – A/C inspection & maintenance: We need this for sure after all that remodeling. :P


I feel like there are other things missing, but that might just be a pervading sense of panic settling in… Whatevs.