17/50: put together postpartum kit

Warning: I keep it real. You might not want to read this!


I want a bunch of good stuff:
Lots of Tucks
Witch hazel
A peri bottle
Stool softener
Numbing spray like dermoplast
Sitz bath with salts? (I’ve seen this rec’ed online, still considering it.)


And finally, I don’t know what to do about pads. Some people even recommend Depends! It seems weird to cloth diaper my baby and then wear a disposable diaper myself. I do have some pads leftover from 3 years ago when I stopped using disposables. I usually use cloth pads on my first day and toilet paper for the rest since my period isn’t all that crazy. Maybe I’ll make some t-shirt rags. Yuck, I feel like such a Prairie Hippie just saying that.

One thought on “17/50: put together postpartum kit

  1. Nudik

    HI. We missed you at -home- group.

    Anyway, my SIL just had a baby and here’s a list of things she found that she really needs:
    - bottled water for the hospital.
    - and frozen dinners for the week after. (unless someone else is willing to cook)
    - they most likely will give you a cream for hemorrhoids (dubicaine). It’s a good one (alone or used with balmex). Works better than Witch hazel.
    - you’ll be bleeding a lot and it’s not going to be pretty (here, you asked for it) – so don’t feel too bad about the pads.

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