20/50: make embarassing trip to the hospital

So last night, after a long bout of incredible pregnancy sex, I started leaking a lot of watery fluid. Like unreal amounts of fluid. And every time I sat up, more came out. This went on from about midnight to 8am and, while my husband slept, I lay in bed worrying about whether this was amniotic fluid or if it was just caused by all that good sex. I really had no idea. Plus my husband said that he smelled something different which really worried me.


When I sat up in the morning, I felt another gush. So I changed into my 4th pair of panties and called my friend who had a baby last year. She told me to call the doctor. The nurse there told me to go to the maternity hospital to get tested, since I’m 35 weeks and my hospital lacks a NICU. I figured they were just going to do a swab to see if it is amniotic fluid. So I didn’t shower, wear makeup, do my hair, or eat. How naive of me.


After checking in through triage, I did the usual urine sample, but then they had me strip and rigged me up to monitors to check my contractions and Lilu’s heart rate. I was not expecting this at all. Luckily, she was doing great, and I while I was having a lot of contractions, they weren’t even or consistent. Eventually a doctor came in to give me my first internal exam. I’m completely closed, -3 station. She also tested my fluid. The verdict? It’s not amniotic fluid. It’s just copious amounts of regular, run of the mill, scare the crap out of a first time mom fluid. Good to know.



So what have I learned today?


1. Going through four pairs of underwear in one day is no big deal in L&D land. Since I’m at level 15.5 of the healthy 5-25 range, when my water actually breaks, it will run down my leg and continue to puddle for hours upon hours. Sounds fab!


2. I have no idea when I’m having contractions. What I have always thought was Lilu moving and kicking me in a painful way was actually her reacting to my contractions. So counting contractions probably won’t be possible for me until they HURT. BADLY.


3. There are no quick trips to the hospital. This fiasco was 3 hours long, and an hour of that was driving. I think I will stay home until she’s term so I can go to the closer hospital, unless my water actually breaks, which as I mentioned will be my only clear indication of labor until the contractions become unbearable. Or I see blood. (Duh.)


Anyway, it was an experience. Now I’m starving and exhausted and I’ve just had enough. The oven repair guy is supposed to come soon and as soon as he leaves, I am passing out. Until then, I am going to eat dark chocolate Klondike bars. Just des(s)erts.