25/50: cook something in the crockpot

I still don’t have an oven, and I might not have one when the baby gets here, either. So I need to figure out how to use this thing. I think I made beans in it once, like 3 years ago, and I used it to keep soup hot one winter. But actually cooking in it? No idea.


Here’s the recipe I want to make:
Chicken Enchilada Slow Cooker Stew

I’m going to add squash, zucchini, black beans, extra chicken broth, and taco seasoning. It has to cook for 6 hours so I’d better get on it!


Here is my spice “drawer”:

Reno cooking: finding the spices


And here is my Crockpot, making this stew:

Reno cooking: crock pot in action


Now to figure out what to do with the rest of these squash and zucchini…