27/50: get my teeth cleaned

I hate going to the dentist, especially new dentists, but I gotta bite the bullet and get this done. Adam also needs a cleaning so we scheduled back to back appointments. I’m hoping this dentist/hygienist are better than the last ones. For $100 a pop I need a thorough cleaning.


Update: Back from the new dentist. I love our new hygienist! She is from our town and very nice, plus she’s a Stargate and BattleStar Galactica fan. And she totally broke my face. I had Chipotle after the cleaning and it buuurned. She really got in there and tore me up; nothing like the sissy cleanings I got last year. And our dentist was super hot. Like a Soap Opera Dentist. Of course his teeth were ridiculously perfect, too. But when someone is that good looking it’s hard to take them seriously. I was thinking “But is he a dentist in real life?” Like I was on set or something.