32/50: get a diaper pail

I’m looking for a diaper pail. It’s for cloth so I don’t need like a diaper genie or anything, just a pail that can act as a diaper pail. There’s a lot of dorm stuff out right now, so I’m hoping to score something cheap and cute. I already have 2 drawstring Grovia pail liners, and I was thinking of getting one of those Ikea pails since the are the same color. But I also have a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so I want to check them out too.




Update: I made it to Ikea and got a couple of things for the kitchen, then we went to West Elm to look at woven baskets since that’s my preferred type of laundry basket and I need another one. Then we went to the grocery and I couldn’t walk anymore. I didn’t even make it to BBB! I was having really painful Braxton Hicks contractions and I felt like my baby was just going to fall out on the sidewalk.


So FAIL on this one! I’ll have to go back out another time. :/ At least I got some pretty cloth napkins for the new dining room…? Ugh, I’m so stupid sometimes!