37/50: choose apartment with mom

Yesterday was a bust. All the places were either too ghetto or didn’t have anything on the ground floor until after September. So today we went to look at the apartments where Adam and I used to live 5 years ago. We loved the neighborhood and amenities, but it was too expensive for us at the time ($800 for a 635 1/1), so we bought our house.


However, the prices have become a lot better since then. We got her a 1200sqft 3/2 for $1k. It met all the requirements and includes the washer & dryer, free wifi — which is awesome since I want to teach my mom how to use the internet, and valet trash, she just has to put it outside the door. Very convenient!


Here is the exact layout:

Mom's apt layout


We co-signed on the lease and will have our own room there. Since it’s so close to Adam’s job, I can have lunch with him during the week. Plus it has a pool, jacuzzi, gym, and a racquetball room, so I can work off the pregnancy flab. I’m really excited about it and my mom is happy because she’ll be near us and the baby, but will have a lot of space to herself. :)