43/50: shopping for last minute items

I need a laundry basket, night light, a diaper pail, a changing pad and cover, and a mini crib mattress pad. I also want to check out those items I picked out from west elm for my mom’s house in person. Hopefully we can get what I need and get home quick, since it looks like it’s going to rain like crazy.


Update: Holy freaking crap, I am never going to Ikea on a Saturday ever again! It was a mad house!! I should have expected it since it’s right in time for college shopping, but wow. And it poured!


But, since I refused to leave without getting what we needed AGAIN, we got everything on the list. I visited the girls’ room 3 times, and I had my beloved cheapy Ikea pizza. The west elm stuff ended up being kind of a bust. The quilt was so thin, I’m worried it will fall apart. But my husband brought up the fact that it’s just a guest room and doesn’t need to take a beating, so maybe I will give it a chance anyway?