to induce or not to induce

I have my 40 week OB appointment tomorrow. Last week I wasn’t dilated at all and my cervix had only moved forward, but my doctor was already discussing induction. He said he wanted to do it this Thursday. I have been freaking out ever since.


I mean Thursday?! HOLY CRAP that’s only 4 days after my due date! I thought I got 2 weeks? But no, he wants me to come in tomorrow, check my dilation and, if I’m not making progress, give me cervical ripening drugs. Then he wants me to come in on Thursday for Pitocin.


I don’t want any of this (well except the no longer pregnant part, but who in their right mind enjoys being overdue?) Since there is no medical reason to induce I’d rather not, especially if my cervix isn’t ready at all. If I’m 3 or 4 centimeters dilated then that will give me something to think about. I mean, doesn’t that mean my body is gearing up anyway?


So I’m trying to get the courage to ask for an extension on my pregnancy. I’m hoping he’ll let me go until Monday the 29th. That’d put me at 41 weeks and 1 day, which I feel more comfortable with. Inducing right after the due date just feels wrong. I’m hoping I can convince my OB to hold off and that she comes on her own during that time. Please let this be the case!

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  1. sdat

    Best wishes! Was checking in to see if you had your baby yet! Maybe ask your doctor why she wants to induce, and what are the benefits?

    I have heard that induced labors are more likely to result in C-Sections (but I am not a doctor or a mom, so take that with a grain of salt). This article from Time (not a medical journal!) points in that direction too, part of higher C-section rate is due to higher rates of induced labor… It also mentions 41 weeks is considered full-term too.,8599,2007754,00.html

    But, maybe your doctor has really good reasons to induce?

    Good luck! Sorry to have chimed in on this topic, maybe you just wanted to record your thoughts without comment, hopefully I’m not contributing to any unwanted stress for you. :-)

    1. chottomotto Post author

      Hey sdat! Yeah I am worried about needing a c-section, but then again, my husband’s mom had to have a c-section with him because his head was too big to pass through her pelvis. I am the same size as my mother-in-law and all the sonographers have commented on my baby’s large head since our anatomy scan at 18 weeks.

      It’s kind of a catch-22; go too early to progress and end up with a c-section, or wait until the baby is even bigger than she is now and end up with a c-section. :/ C-sections aren’t the end of the world. As long as I bring home a healthy baby, I don’t really care. My stomach is way jacked up from this pregnancy anyway!

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