lilu’s nursery tour

Planning a nursery for your first child is pretty silly business. I know I fantasized about diapering her on the changing table and tucking her all swaddled in to the crib. I bust out laughing just thinking about it because here we are, just 6 months in, and I don’t use the changing pad, crib, or swaddles anymore. My little girl is growing up faster than I ever imagined. Thank goodness we are having more babies!


Here is a reminder of what we started with:

Nursery starting point


And here it is today, all tricked out:

Napping in the Nursery
Don’t mind Lilu, she’s just taking a nap.



Decorated shelves
Top shelf: Hamtaro Adam gave me in college, a book from my Children’s Lit class “How We Live In Tokyo”, Lilu’s goldfish wash poof from my sister-in-law, a polka-dotted toucan from Loren, a wooden frog rattle from Glen, and a pumpkin I brought back from Japan for Adam.

Bottom shelf: A piece of coral I filched from my father-in-law, a treasure chest I gave to my mother when I was young, a starfish Adam gave me in Tarpon Springs, a blue sake bottle, a conch shell that was my mother’s, a cute card I picked out when I first wanted a child, and a ceramic shell I painted in preschool.


Changing station
The diapering station has a cloth wipes warmer and other assorted booty booty. We used a picnic utensil organizer from Target to hold toiletries and nighttime cloth diapers. The flower is a battery votive I got as a gift in college, the shells were my mom’s collection, and the littlest jar holds beach glass I gathered in Bermuda. The party dress was a gift from our friend Ilylia all the way from Malaysia. It has the prettiest mother of pearl buttons up the back.



Mini Bloom crib
Her little crib.



Handmade Quilt
Her handmade quilt from my college friend, Lissa. One of the greatest treasure in the room!



Lilu on the futon
Uh-oh she’s up. Better hurry! The icebucket in the corner holds toys, the ottoman hides her humidifier, and the futon is great for playing, sleeping, and changing. (More on that later.)


Reading area
We put this little bookshelf in the closet because I know she will be a great reader like her mom and dad. All of these books were either gifts or from our own childhood bookshelves. The cloud box is something I used in my Japanese dorm and holds coloring supplies. My friend Sachi sent the cute kokeshi doll, the start of a fine collection since I think I will get her one every year. I love them. :)


Packed closet!
And of course, her packed little closet. I love the wood hangers. They keep her onesies much neater than the heap of sleepers we have in her drawers.


Well that’s it and I wouldn’t change a thing!