sleeping arrangements

I thought that Lilu would sleep in her crib in our room when she came home from the hospital. Unfortunately, I was unable to sleep for 7 straight days because I would jump up with every little coo and squeak she made. Plus she had spit up issues whenever we lay her flat after eating (which was around the clock at first). So we ended up putting her in the carseat of all places.


Hanging out

(I think she might be trying to flick me off.)


Then she slept in the Snugglenest. I felt better about that since it’s at least intended for sleeping.


Taking a nap with dad


Then she wanted movement, so we let her sleep in the swing. (A LOT.)





Then, finally, we put her in her little crib. She was such a peach.


Good morning sunshine!



And now, after only 3 months in her crib, she sleeps on her futon because that serenely swaddled baby above has become this little menace:


Evil Genius


She’s a swaddle-breaking, head-banging extraordinaire. But on her futon? She sleeps like this:



Perfectly Angelic.


Then when she wakes up, she is just happy as can be and crawls to her toys, playing with them until I go in to check on her.


Naptime is over!!

She loves it and it’s working great for us.