About 3 months ago, when I was all tiny and cute and barely pregnant (and out of my effing mind), I got a genius idea: I want to redo the kitchen. Like, gut it to the studs.

Why? Because of Shangri-la – that’s what I call my dream kitchen. I don’t usually talk about it, but I think about it constantly. It has white cabinets, neutral minimalist counter tops, and, most importantly, a dishwasher. (I say that last word with a heady amount of reverence.)

At first I was picturing a little country kitchen like this one.
Dream Kitchen

Then, I saw this modern version and fell head over heels.
Fab Ikea Kitchen

It’s Ikea, too, which means I can afford it without trying to MacGyver a pantry out of stuff at the ReStore. (And I am so not a tinkerer.)


Here’s what our kitchen used to look like before we moved in, in 2006. I remember thinking it was a cute, good sized kitchen, but that the owners had obviously chosen to go as cheap as possible when they put it in.
The kitchen at move-in

After we moved in, we painted, got appliances, threw in a little bamboo roman blind, and made it all cozy. While it looked great, it was an uphill battle to keep it neat. The lack of functional space and no dishwasher meant the counters were constantly covered. And I hate clutter. It also irritated me that the fridge visually blocked the door and that the air vent blew directly onto my stovetop. Not a smart layout at all.

Kitchen After


Here is our plan for the new kitchen. We changed the footprint, added a lot of pantry space, and, be still my heart, a dishwasher. I’m in love with it!
Left Side New Kitchen
Right Side New Kitchen

I’m still not sure about the dark blue paint with no backsplash shown in these renderings. I keep going back and forth between the blue and all white with a subway tile backsplash. Both will look good, they’re just different. Hmm…