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Hiya, I’m Kris! aka Chotto
I’m a 26 year old “free spirit”, which is a nice way of saying that I can’t make up my damn mind about anything, ever. I married my high school sweetheart, Adam, and after 9 years, he still gives me the butterflies. Together we live in Orlando, Florida with our rescue Yorkie, Owen. We’re about to have a baby, a little girl due in August, which means I’m going to have to get a lot less selfish. As soon as I get a dishwasher. And a water softener. That Kate Spade diaper bag I’ve been eying at the outlet would be great, too.


I don’t dabble, I obsess.
My interests tend to be intense but fleeting, and they don’t always make sense in my life. Like my obsession with tiny designer purses and all glass coffee tables right before I have a baby, or the way I’m always talking about moving to Malaysia, which is not going to be feasible for like 10 years. Whatever, a girl can dream.

is pronounced cho-toe-moe-toe. It’s also not a real word or phrase. In Japanese, there’s a really common phrase, “chotto matte,” which means “wait a second.” Unfortunately when you’re drunk in Japan, and not that fluent, you end up saying really dumb things. I was trying to ask them to “wait a second!” and not manhandle me out of a pub. Instead I said “chotto motto.” Literally “A little more!” Effectively making me look like an alcoholic, an idiot, and/or a masochist. Good times!

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  1. jennifer sheridan

    We are all thinking of you in FlickrWorld — hope you and family are getting some much needed rest and taking care of yourself. The first two weeks are a piece of cake, just love on each other!!

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