48/50: paint the nursery

We actually bought the paint for this room last year. Really. It’s the paint + primer from Behr. The color is Spa in Flat Enamel. I actually have everything picked out for this room, just like this paint, I just need to put it all together. I hope it looks the way I’m imagining, because we don’t have time for any do-overs!


We use a special painting technique to get super straight, crisp paint lines, which I found out about on Making It Lovely. It works like a freaking charm. It does take a lot of time, but it is totally worth it!



Nursery being textured



Nursery inside

47/50: set up the nursery closet

We need a new shelf, a cover for the pipe rod (yes, it’s actually a pipe), then we’ve got to sand, patch, and paint. This is also where our server, router, and security system are hooked up, so those have to be neatened up as well. Can’t wait! (I seriously can’t; I’m about to burst.)


Nursery closet starting point


The nursery closet After -- right

46/50: clear out the nursery

Just a few days til my due date and we are finally starting on the nursery! The people who worked on our great room had to come back to redo some things, so we didn’t have space to clear out the room before today. I’m super excited to get it emptied out so we can paint!



Nursery starting point


Time to paint the nursery

45/50: move mom into her apartment

AKA: Get out of my hooooooouse woman! Just kidding. A bit.


But seriously, she has asthma so we can’t paint or sand if she is staying here. Not to mention we’re tight on space as it is. And I’m due in, umm, 5 days.


Update: Lease is signed, and we have the keys! Woot!


Mom's apt - living room
Obviously we need some furniture!

44/50: our last date night before baby

Today is my husband’s 30th birthday. Unfortunately we were too busy to drop everything and go all out for it. L My father-in-law came over to finish the kitchen. He got all the toekicks and trims on, so THE KITCHEN IS DONE!


Kitchen is DONE!!

And as a surprise, my mother-in-law also came over to help us clean up. She made our bed, did the dishes, straightened up, and even MOWED THE LAWN.

Adam's mom mowing the lawn

Yeah. Totally awesome.


Adam's 30th Birthday

I love my in-laws!


Later that night, I took Adam to the movies. He always talks about going to the movies, but I’m not much of a film person and it’s expensive, so we hardly ever go. But for his birthday? I can make an exception.


We saw the last Harry Potter, and it was surprisingly good.  (I say surprisingly because while I usually enjoy the heck out of these movies, Deathly Hallows Part 1 was boring and more than a little convoluted.) We had a dinner of hotdogs, sodas, and popcorn, and I later ate a little pepperoni pizza because I was still hungry. :3 It was really great and makes me want to go out on more movie dates. That said, I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to come out! I love me some crazy vampire hussies! :F

43/50: shopping for last minute items

I need a laundry basket, night light, a diaper pail, a changing pad and cover, and a mini crib mattress pad. I also want to check out those items I picked out from west elm for my mom’s house in person. Hopefully we can get what I need and get home quick, since it looks like it’s going to rain like crazy.


Update: Holy freaking crap, I am never going to Ikea on a Saturday ever again! It was a mad house!! I should have expected it since it’s right in time for college shopping, but wow. And it poured!


But, since I refused to leave without getting what we needed AGAIN, we got everything on the list. I visited the girls’ room 3 times, and I had my beloved cheapy Ikea pizza. The west elm stuff ended up being kind of a bust. The quilt was so thin, I’m worried it will fall apart. But my husband brought up the fact that it’s just a guest room and doesn’t need to take a beating, so maybe I will give it a chance anyway?

42/50: clean off the entertainment unit

This doesn’t seem like preparation for the baby, but the speakers and other electronics I’m making room for in the entertainment unit are currently collecting dust in the nursery-to-be. You know, that room we haven’t cleared out or painted or anything even though I’m due in 9 days. Yeah, I think that nesting itch is finally kicking in.

41/50: unpack the kitchen boxes

I did most of the food and small appliances when the cabinets went in, so now I just need to do the dishes, pots, pans, and cleaning supplies. Other than the boxes, I have some random kitchen items stashed here and there throughout the house that I’d like to put away. Like all the ones in my bedroom. Since the handles are on the cabinets now, this will be a lot easier. Before I had to squat to the floor to pull the doors open from the bottom, and let me tell you what a joy that was at 8 months pregnant!

40/50: discuss birth plan with my ob

Okay so I didn’t actually write a birth plan out, but that was because, after a lot of research, I realized that a birth plan is pretty pointless. You can’t plan a birth. It’s going to go the way it goes and the only thing you can do is know your stuff, ask questions, and hold on tight. I had questions, and I was happy with my doctor’s answers.


He has a low c-section rate and prefers to deliver vaginally. He also does not use forceps and rarely does episiotomies. All that makes me very happy. However, my doctor wants to induce at 41 weeks. That means my baby has until the 28th to plop herself out. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except that I am positive I’ll go beyond that.


As of this morning, I am only a fingertip dilated and my cervix has moved forward, but that’s it. He said I would not go into labor this week, for sure. :/ The  17th-28th is a small target to aim for, but I’m hoping to hit it!

39/50: finalize coming home outfit

I keep worrying about this but does anyone but me even care? It would already be picked except that the nurse mentioned on the tour that they don’t cloth diaper and that they have to be able to see their labelled anklet at all times. So I need smaller newborn clothes and they can’t be sleepers.


Update: I decided to bring 2 outfits for the newborn photos and 1 going home outfit. I also brought socks, bibs, and those hand mittens (which I am hoping I won’t have to use).